Patient Information

As the practice of medicine become more complex, the process of delivering high quality and coordinated medical care has been severely challenged.  Face to face time with physician/provider and access to care have  also become compromised.  At Diablo Valley Primary Care, we strive to provide you with the care as we would for our family members.  So as to help maintain an efficient practice and also help you get the most out of your visit with your provider, we ask that you help our team by doing the following:

  1. Keeping your appointments.  If you must cancel or reschedule an appointment, please inform us at least 24 hours in advance.  If a follow-up visit is necessary, you will be given a card showing the date and time of your next visit.
  2. Following medical advice.  Our treatment or medication prescribed is only part of the program to keep you in good health.  Medical advice is always given for your benefit.  Your understanding and cooperation are essential.
  3. Asking questions if you do not understand treatment decisions or medical advice.  We believe in shared-decision making, for we feel that the best medical decisions are those made together between doctor and patient.  We make it our practice to inform our patients about risks and benefits associated with diagnostic and therapeutic tests and treatments.  You are always welcome to ask for details.  Our staff can provide you with patient education materials about different illnesses and treatment  for them.
  4. Reporting any problems or side effects you may have with the medications or treatment.  Since different people react differently to the same medication, we need to know how well you are tolerating a particular medication.
  5. Keeping a list of all your medications on a small index card and carrying it with you at all times. Regularly updating this list when there is a change of your  medication  is important.
  6. Informing us of any concerns or feedback you may have with our office or practice.  We  strive to improve our services to you.
  7. Informing us of any change of address, phone number, insurance, or HMO medical group so we can update your profile.  Please provide us with a copy of your insurance card if there is a change in your insurance.

At Diablo Valley Primary Care, we hope that your are pleased with the care which you have received, as we strive to constantly improve our services to you.  Remember, specific questions regarding your health must be sent using MyJohnMuirHealth.